A Look at our Week… Prefixes, Weather, & Paul Brett Johnson

Mar 28, 2014 | Uncategorized

Shew… that’s just about all I have to say about this week!  Monday began with a countdown to spring break!  My kiddos definitely have the spring break jitters!  And… today ended with a bunch of teachers shouting WOOOHOOOOOOOO and giving each other high fives down the hallway!  I know you’ve been there before too!!!!  Even with the “spring break jitters” we still had a lot to learn.  So…. here are a few snapshots of our week.

We learned all about prefixes this week!  We started with this anchor chart.

We completed this word sort and my students circled the base words. 

We also completed these interactive printables.  We did a few for morning work and a few during our word work time.  My students seriously LOVE these activities!!!

 You can find the bundle HERE if you are interested.  We also completed these cute flower pot prefixes.  My students worked together to match the prefix(flower) to the correct meaning(pot) and then the petals(base words) to the correct prefix.  They had a lot of fun with it!  And… they always love working in groups.  You can find this flower pot prefix activity HERE.

 This week our spelling pattern included soft “c” and “g”words.  So… I created a “c” and “g” anchor chart. My kiddos had fun adding words to the charts all week!

 We also completed some interactive word work activities to reinforce the hard and soft “c” and “g” spelling pattern.  You can grab these for free HERE.

If you are interested in more word work or prefix/suffix activities, you can find all of my printables bundled HERE

This week in science we began learning about weather.  So… I had to pull out my weather unit.  This was one of my earlier units that I created for TPT and I will definitely be updating it soon!! I HATE that my name is on the bottom of each page… ha!

 We began by reading Down Comes the Rain and learning about the water cycle.  We sang and danced to The Water Cycle Boogie by the Banana Slug String Band found on YouTube HERE. Then… we painted the water cycle and wrote informative writing pieces in which we introduced our topic, provided facts, and included a closure.  We have REALLY been focusing on organization in our writing.

A few guided reading groups read all about the water cycle and focused on non fiction text features. You can find these close reads HERE. 

 We also began reading a few Paul Brett Johnson books!  This week we read Old Dry Frye and Mr. Persnickety and Cat Lady.  I LOVE Paul Brett Johnson!!!!  He is definitely one of my favorite authors.  After reading one of his books my kids are always begging for more! While reading Old Dry Frye we focused on cause and effect and with Mr. Persnickety and Cat Lady we analyzed characters, determined character traits, and compared characters.

The week after spring break we will be reading The Cow Who Wouldn’t Come Down, The Pig Who Ran a Red Light, and The Goose Who Went off in a Huff.  If you haven’t heard of Paul Brett Johnson you definitely need to head over to amazon right now!!!!

Mr. Persnickety and Cat Lady are now decorating our classroom!!!

Here are the other activities included in this author study…

If you are interested you can find them HERE.
And that’s it for me!!! I’m going to be celebrating my daughter’s second birthday with friends and family on Saturday and then we are going to enjoy some family time in Gatlinburg, TN. And… we will probably do a little shopping at the outlets…. Or maybe A LOT of shopping!!  


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