Classroom Digs: Teacher Week 2013

Aug 14, 2013 | Uncategorized

It’s day two of Teacher Week 2013 & I’m joining for my FIRST time!! Today is all about classroom digs!  I’m hoping I figure it all out and link up correctly. We shall see…
*This is my classroom library!  My first grade team will be starting the year off with a rainforest unit/theme!  I LOVE the hanging vines and lights in the corner! I still have a long way to go!  My classroom library is organized by genre and lexile levels {I made some new labels this year… if only the classroom fairy would come and do my cutting!}

*These are my number sense posters.  You can find them in any of my decor packs, but I used the ones from here. The decor bundles only include the numbers 1-10 but as soon as I get some extra time I will be creating the numbers 1-100 as JPEG images so that you can size them to fit your needs. 
This is a close up of my calendar partner.  I will Velcro the days, months, etc. {I’m still waiting on that fairy!!}
 I’m excited about my new birthday display.  You can find it here.  I will be gluing student names on the ribbon.
These are my classroom rules posters.  Grab these for *FREE* here.
This is my new jungle themed job chart. I will clip on the student names.  You can grab it here.
I’m excited to use a clip system for behavior management this year.  I have always had my kids pull tickets in the past. I love the fact that they get rewarded for positive behavior and have the chance to move back up!
This is my jungle themed daily schedule.
This is my guided reading group area.  I left the board blank because I want to add reading strategy posters as we learn each strategy.  I also wanted to leave some room for anchor charts.
View from the classroom library…
View from the door…
Table headers… you can find them here or here
And… All of the “cutting” that needs to be done.  My new word wall headers, word wall words, library labels, calendar partner, etc.  Still so much to do!!!!
And now I’m off to cuddle with my two little cuties!  I’m thinking that it will never be easy leaving my little ones, but it sure makes it easier knowing that I will be seeing 24 new smiles.  I LOVE my job and I really enjoy creating and decorating my “home away from home.”  


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