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May 26, 2014 | Uncategorized

I’m really excited about the latest bundle that I posted to my TpT store!  You see, it’s not for my first or second grade students but rather for my own three (almost four) year old! She loves reading, singing, cutting, gluing, and all of those other messy things. She knows how to sing her ABC’s and that’s about it.  She has not been in preschool yet, but will be going this fall.  I wish I could say that she is excited. She.is.not!!! However, I know that she will LOVE it!!!! And… she really needs the interaction with other kids!

Anyhow… Sophie begs to play “school” all the time!  She sits at her little desk and colors and pretends to do some of the printables that I have created for my own classroom. So… I figured I would create some printables that were just for her.  Fun! Interactive!  Engaging!  And… she can learn all of her letters and letter sounds!

So… here it is!

I had to do some research before beginning this project.  I just wasn’t sure what letters to introduce first!  This is what I discovered…  1-Introduce letters that are most familiar first! 2-Introduce the letters that are used most often. 3-Introduce letters and vowels that can make three letter words.  So…. I ended up going with the Montessori introduction of the letters! You can introduce them as you see fit… or in the order of your school reading series!
Yesterday, we started with the letter S.  I know that the letter C is first in my bundle… but my little Sophie knows the letter S because it begins her name. Our 20 or so minutes looked something like this…
She was so excited to get this sheet with the letter S.  We actually do this activity All.The.Time!!! We typically use construction paper.  I draw a letter and she uses various items to glue to the letter.  I have to say, she was even more excited that she got to pick up her own worksheet from the printer!  I know this excitement will “fade” when it comes to worksheets.  But for now, she LOVES it!  Little sister Addie had to join in on the fun too!
(side note – you just have to ignore the crazy hair and pajamas!  It’s how we roll on most days!!!)
We have a bit of work to do with learning how to make smaller glue dots! Ha! For this project, Sophie wanted to use construction paper squares.  She loves cutting!  And… she likes making little squares (weird!) I know…. We already had this tub full of squares and ready to go!
Addie just turned two, but she thinks she is as big as Sophie! Her squares didn’t end up on the “A”, but she sure had fun!!
Sophie was really excited to color her “S” pictures!  
For the next activity, Sophie had to cut and sort her letters. This was perfect for her because she LOVES cutting!

Addie needed the paper too, of course!  But… her paper ended up with glue!
Sophie sorted all of her letters!
And then she realized she needed to glue them on the page…
Her glue is ready…
And… we’re back to the massively big dots!  Ha!
She was very proud of her work!! 
I thought she would be done after two, but she wanted to try one more! We decided to use this printable as a game. We used two different color crayons and took turns spinning. The first person to color 4 squares in a row was the winner!

Here is an example of the printables included in the unit.  All of these are included in the preview for FREE.  Click HERE to go to my TpT store. 

I have a feeling that I will be creating more fun activities like this for my little ones… stay tuned!!


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