Our Week Ahead… Halloween & BATS!!!

Oct 28, 2013 | Uncategorized

This post is going to be short and sweet… my two kiddos are splashing away in the tub and I probably have a whole 5 minutes until I hear the words…. “MOMMY GET ME OUT OF HERE..” So here goes…
This week we’re going to be learning all about bats!  This is a preview of the unit that I’m going to be using!  My kids have had a blast learning about pumpkins and spiders… so I’m really excited to begin learning about bats!!!

This week we are also going to be working to strengthen our sentences and this unit is jam packed with sentence building activities. 
You could say that I’m a tad obsessed with “desk tents” these days.  It’s simple, easy, requires no prep time and the kids love it!  You can use index cards or construction paper.  Just fold the papers in half and you are all set!  Here’s what you do…
Students make their desk tents.. (you could also add exclamation marks later!)
State various questions and statements and student hold up the correct card. 
It is important that each card is on a different color.  With one glance, you can assess all students!  AMAZING! This is also perfect for those kinesthetic learners! 

I am loving interactive journals this year!  My kiddos love it too! 

We are also going to have fun with a bat glyph!! I’m saving this activity for Halloween!!!

We are also going to be reading Stellaluna and making these cute BME bat hats. 

And… my kiddos are calling my name!  Actually they are fighting over a shampoo bottle and I probably should go to the rescue!  So… until next time!  Have a GREAT week! If you’re interested in any of these activities you can find them all here at my TpT store!


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