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Better late than never!!! I did a great job of taking pictures this week… I just can’t seem to find the time to sit down and write about all of our adventures! So…. here’s a few pictures of our plant fun!!!

These cute lap books are now hanging in the hallway…. My students really enjoyed working with these each day! 

I love how their flowers turned out!! We did this as a directed drawing activity! They used the space below the flower to write about what they learned. 

We planted seeds this week…!!!!
My students LOVED taking apart a lima bean seed.  Actually…. I forgot to soak the seeds over night and they were just not soft enough by the time science rolled around. SO…we had to do a “take 2” of the seed experiment the following day!

Hunting for different leaves seemed to be the highlight of the week for my students!!
 We sorted our leaves…
Did a little experiment to watch oxygen escape….

And…. we also learned about the different kids of leaves!! I actually forgot to have my students save their leaves for the next day and instead of going on another leaf hunt I just let my students create and describe their leaves.  This actually worked out better than the leaf rubbing that I usually do each year… I just love when things work out like that…

Here are a few pictures of some of our “plant” math activities.  I included three math stations in the unit, but I decided to let my students work with partners and use the printable version.

 Two of my above level reading groups read these close reads

I included a lot of language arts printables in this unit. My kiddos take the MAP test this coming week so I tried to include some review activities when I created this unit. 

This isn’t quite related to plants, but one of my reading groups had so much fun with their word work this week I had to take a picture. I just LOVE these word work activities.  We were all about the -igh words this week.  If you need some interactive and fun printables you can find them HERE. 

I’m not really sure how this picture ended up with all of the plant fun…. but since it’s here I think I will keep it.  We finished up our insect unit early last week and our bulletin board still looks like this.  I had planned to blog about all of our bug fun but just didn’t get around to it.  If you need some BUGGY activities you can find them HERE
All of my plant activities came from HERE.
And I’m off to bed!!! Have a great week!  I’m going to be loading my wishlist for the big TpT sale this week!!!!


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