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Mar 3, 2014 | Uncategorized

Today is snow day number 572 for me!!! Not really, but it sure feels like it! Anyhow… I just wanted to pop in really quick to share some informational passages that I have been completing with my students. I’m really excited to get started on these new spring passages!!!

PROVE IT!! SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE!! Do you find yourself repeating these words on a daily basis? Like you, my goal is for my students to move beyond a literal understanding and into a deeper and more critical evaluation of the text.  I am constantly asking my students to go BACK to the text to support their answers with EVIDENCE.

I created these high interest spring themed passages using the Common Core Reading Informational Standards as well as the MAP Descartes.  The passages allow students to write directly on the text so that they can support their answers with reasons.  Throughout the passages students are required to determine the main idea, find evidence that supports the main idea, use context clues to discover the meaning of various words, create subheadings or discover the importance of the subheadings given, find reasons to support various points given by the author, explain the importance of a diagram or words in mold, make inferences, etc.

I had a REALLY hard time giving this bundle a name because these passages can be used for many purposes… close reading, a quick assessment, guided reading groups, whole group instruction, the possibilities are endless.

In my own classroom, I typically use these passages during my guided reading instruction.  I have also used them as a quick assessment.  During the first reading I have my students number the paragraphs or subheadings. During the second reading my students take notes directly on the text.  They make inferences, draw conclusions, circle vocabulary, etc. As my students complete the comprehension activities I ALWAYS require them to highlight, circle, or underline the evidence in the text.  Lately, I have allowed my students to use a different color pencil for each question.  They highlight the evidence in the text with the same color used for the comprehension question.

This bundle includes the following topics: Worms, Water Cycle, Life Cycle of a Chicken, Monarch Butterfly, Dirt, Clouds, Wind, Frogs, Insects, Ants

Here is a sneak peek… Prove It! {10 Spring Themed Informational Passages & Comprehension Questions}

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