Reflections on 2016

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Knowing that 2016 is coming to an end is a bit bittersweet. 2016 has been so good to my little family! Sophie and Addie are becoming independent yet Beckett needs me more than ever! Yesterday, we were at a restaurant… I was walking Addie to the bathroom. {she has a bladder the size of a pea…LITERALLY!} I was walking in the stall with her, as I usually do, and she stopped me… She let me know that I should just wait by the sink. So… I waited by the sink, holding back my tears. I know my girls are growing up.  They need me a little less, and that is a good thing! On the other hand, Beckett needs me every second. The diapers, the baths, the meals, the snacks…. And his little hands are always reaching up toward me! So… I just pick him up and hold him as much as he wants. I know in a few short years he will need me a little less, too!

This year I have found myself clinging to moments.  I literally close my eyes and try to remember their expressions or the touch of their faces. Time goes by so fast and I’ve learned the importance of treasuring each moment.


2016 had a crazy beginning…. I came back from maternity leave and it was a STRUGGLE! Life was a bit of a mess… Managing three kids was a game changer!! My classroom was a mess, too! Literally a mess! Thank goodness it only took me a few weeks to get things under control!


This picture cracks me up…  Addie wearing Sophie’s old Christmas outfit in February! Before I had kids I just knew I was going to be that mom… The mom who dressed her kids in Gap and JCrew… Well, life came along and I realized that I just don’t care. They can wear whatever they want!


They can even wear bathing suits in the house (In February)and pretend to be babies! I think that probably had something to do with us having a new baby in the house!



This summer I got to go to the TpT conference in Orlando.  I had a blast and met so many great people!



I flew in on a Saturday and flew right back out that evening for our family vacation!



Sophie started kindergarten…


I began my 12th year of teaching… YIKES! I feel like it should be my sixth year… not my 12th. And YES, we do like to dance on the tables… A LOT!!


I got a new logo design for my business…

holliegriffith-logo-final1-4 holliegriffith-logo-final3-4

I got to go on my first field trip… AS A PARENT!!!


Beckett turned ONE!!


Gosh… He sure does love his papaw… My husband and his dad are building a sunroom on our house… Beckett has spent a lot of time following those two around…


Halloween came…


We forgot to get Beckett a costume… {That’s what happens when you have three kids… you start forgetting things} Daniel made a quick trip to Kroger and Batman pajamas saved the day.  They were too small so we had to cut the feet out of them!!


Then it was Christmas and we made cookies, decorated gingerbread houses, made a lot of ornaments…


And just made a big mess!!!img_5205

We got to meet some elves…


We spent a lot of time with family…


We made a lot of messes at their houses, too…. ha!




And there you have it…. BRING ON 2017!!!


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