Spring Break Fun!!!!

Apr 6, 2014 | Uncategorized

Do I really go back to school tomorrow?!?  I have been on spring break all week and have not even thought about school.  I didn’t go to the beach, but the family did take a little trip to Gatlinburg!! So… Here is our week in pictures!

My baby turned 2.  I can’t even believe it! We had a small party at our house last Saturday with friends and family!

Dad went to the Michigan vs. Kentucky game so the girls had a little fun at the mall.  It was the best time to be out in Lexington, KY because EVERYONE was home watching the game. We root for the Wildcats, but would rather be having fun while no one is out.. ha! 
Sophie fell asleep, but woke up for ice cream! We also went to Joseph Beth and had the book store to OURSELVES!!! And.. you can’t leave the book store without going outside to feed the ducks!

Our little family went to Gatlinburg with my parents and sister!  As you can see, we had tons of fun!! Nan is a bit crazy and will do ANYTHING for her grandchildren.  Even walk in ICY water.  So… Pap follows Nan around making sure that no one gets hurt!!!
Of course, we had to climb on the luggage cart and ride the marry go round.  I love this picture of Addie and my mom! I also LOVE all of the poses that my oldest daughter gives!  
We did a little shopping, a little swimming, and a lot of playing.  Their new favorite things are to play in their dad’s shirt (all of his shirts are soon going to be stretched out), and for us to pretend that we are putting them in the garbage ( middle picture – Nan and Sophie are throwing Addie in the washing machine!).  And… they love their Aunt Julie!! The picture of the pout face at the bottom…. I just had to include!!!

So…. today we are adding new sand to the sand box and playing in our mismatched pajamas.  That’s how we roll!!!

As for next week… I got my plans together before the break AND left my plan book at school ON PURPOSE! I’m going to have to get to school early tomorrow so that I can remind myself of what I will be teaching… ha!
On another note… I did finish a bunch of classroom decor packs during my car rides and while the kids were napping.  Decor packs are the only things that I actually create that aren’t created directly for my classroom.  Why?? It’s fun and requires no THINKING!! And… my husband helps!! So… now I just have to make thumbnails and a preview.  That’s the part that I don’t like….. and why they aren’t posted at my TPT store just yet!!  So hopefully I will get on that soon!!! 
I do have the preview finished for my sports pack… so it will DEFINITELY be posted today!!

Until next time….


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