Valentine Fact Families, Homonyms, & Penguins

Feb 1, 2014 | Uncategorized

We have been super busy this week!  But with all of the snow days and delays, I still feel a bit behind!
We had fun learning about fact families and I decided to have my kids make this cute craft at the last minute!  I got the idea of making a flower from Pinterest, but decided to add my own twist to it by making the petals and leaves from hearts.  I was surprised that most of my students didn’t know how to make hearts, so not only was the flower a review of “fact families” but it was also a lesson on making “symmetrical” hearts. And…  it looks super cute hanging in our room!

We learned about homonyms by reading How Much Can a Bare Bear Bear?
My students then selected a homonym and drew two pictures to represent each word.  Some of them created riddles, and others wrote sentences. 

And… we are STILL learning about penguins.  With all of the snow days we just can’t seem to wrap it up!!
My students worked in groups to complete research on different types of penguins.
We completed this cute penguin glyph and analyzed the data to make a graph and answer questions. 

So… the board in my classroom now looks like this!!!!  Next week we are going to be writing narratives about magical LOVE glasses that will be displayed  in the hallway!! I can’t wait to show you pics!!!
I did have plans to learn all about groundhogs… but because of snow days, that will be pushed to next week! However, we did read this cute book!
I am also VERY happy to have some Valentine decor in my classroom!  I am ready for the month of LOVE!

I also have my literacy stations ready to go! These stations can all be found in my Valentine Extravaganza and Groundhog Day of FUN units. The focus is on homophones, homonyms, prefixes, suffixes, spellings of /f/, -ed endings, parts pf speech, and abc order. 

And last but not least…We got a new classroom pet!  Our last guinea pig “Sam” is no longer with us.  This baby still doesn’t have a name!!! We will be voting on Monday!
And at home… my two munchkins want to “have school” ALL. THE. TIME!! Probably because it means they get to play with markers, glue, macaroni, etc. etc. etc…. Ha!!

 I love the concentration on her face….
Have a great weekend!!! If you are interested in Penguins, Valentine’s Day, or Groundhog Day of FUN visit my TPT store!!!


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