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Well…. we actually made it through an entire week of school without a snow day!! Does that mean spring has finally arrived?  I sure hope so!!!!!! I will also say that on Monday I played outside with shorts and a t-shirt because it was 70 degrees… then on Wednesday it was back to coats and gloves at 20 degrees.  What is with this Kentucky weather?!?!

Anyhow… we have had a BUSY week in the classroom.  With all of these snow days and delays, I still feel a bit behind. Here are a few snapshots of our week… We have been all about VERBS! And… it has been a lot of fun!

We began the week by reviewing action verbs.  I had my students draw a verb and then write a sentence using their verb.  We then made a huddle on the floor and sorted our illustrations and sentences into past, present, and future tenses.  We had to work together to make some corrections to our sentences, but it was  great learning experience.  A lot of my ELL students left off helping verbs that were critical to their sentences.  We also talked about some irregular verbs that students needed to correct such as sang, swam, and ran. When I do activities such as this, it makes me realize how complicated our English system really is… especially for all of my students who speak English as a second language.

After learning about past, present, and future tenses my students created another illustration of a verb and  wrote a sentence using the verb in the past, present, and future tense!  I seriously LOVE student artwork!

We also learned about helping and linking verbs.  On this day we went back to our class verb poster to star all of the helping and linking verbs.

Of course, we had to add everything we learned about verbs to our notebooks!!! We completed an irregular verb page too… but I forgot to take a picture of it!

 We also completed a bunch of interactive verb pages that reviewed action verbs, helping and linking verbs, singular and plural verbs, irregular verbs, and the changes in the spelling of verbs.  You can find all of these pages HERE or in my Interactive Language Bundle HERE.

Here are a few examples of my Verbs: An Interactive Language Extravaganza if you are interested…

This week my students also learned about spelling patterns with -y endings.  I made this large “Y” out of bulletin board paper and divided it into three sections.  Each day we talked about a different spelling rule and then added examples to our large “Y.”

 Of course, we completed some interactive word work activities each day so that my students could practice and learn to apply the spelling pattern. You can download all of the -y endings word work for FREE HERE.

And… in the last three pictures my students are working with me in a guided reading group to learn about worms. I created 10 new informational passages and comprehension activities that are PERFECT for my higher level readers.  It gives them the opportunity to write directly on the text and FIND and PROVE their answers. I just LOVE it.  My students were completely engaged…. because who doesn’t like learning about WORMS.  One of the questions required my students to explain how worms move!  Of course, we had to become worms and flatten out our bodies until they were long and thin, fasten our bristles to the soil, and then slink up our back ends!! This passage also focused on subheadings, main idea, details, words in bold, and using context clues to determine the meaning of a given word. You can learn more about how I use close reading in my classroom HERE.

If you are interested in some spring themed reading passages and comprehension questions you can find it in my TPT store HERE.

Have a great weekend!!!!! 🙂


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